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About Us

We are here for you.

It is our mission to help educate our clients on available solutions and to help them execute a plan to guide them on the trail to financial independence and freedom through comprehensive financial planning.

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At Trailhead CMG, we believe that you will live a long and fulfilling life, and with consistent and meaningful conversations we will be able to achieve the optimal financial outcome. Join us and let Trailhead CMG advisors be your guide on your financial path ahead.

Our Process

Our foremost core value is Every Client Matters, and to every client we make six foundational promises. We pledge to understand your situation, respect your assets, educate you on your options, provide clear recommendations, track your progress, and to stay in touch over time.

Our Services

We are a team of goal-focused, planning-driven, asset location financial advisors. We are here to help every client reach their financial goals through 3 phases, pre-retirement, post retirement and transition of capital to their beneficiaries.

Investment Philosophy

We believe that owning great companies with strong balance sheets, positive cashflow and have a history of paying and increasing their dividends will provide you with the optimal outcome to reach your long-term goals and objectives regardless of short-term market fluctuations. We do understand that some of our clients do not want to experience negative account balances in the short term to reach their long-term goals and objectives, so we can add protection to their accounts in the form of market buffers, income guarantees and spousal protection.